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Voiced by Casey Landman

Cabby S3.png

About Cabby - The Collector

Cabby is a massive database on wheels! She’s a fastidious author of countless files, which seem to contain information about everyone and everything. If it’s at all interesting, or even just a plain and simple fact, Cabby wants to know it. She’s happy to share her knowledge, as long as you ask her for permission. Or, better yet, if you can tell her something she doesn’t already know! But trust us, that’s easier said than done!

Fun Facts:

  • Cabby is one of the smartest contestants, rivaling the intelligence of Test Tube and the trivia prowess of Fan! However, rather than collecting knowledge for passion, she collects it for pride.

  • Because she has wheels, Cabby has issues traveling up inclines, but loves racing down hills! Sometimes contestants will join her and “take the Cab!”

  • Cabby keeps the majority of her files in her very spacious bottom drawer. We’re not entirely sure what is in her top drawer - does it even open?

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