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Voiced by Dee Cashin

Clover S3.png

About Clover - The Privileged

Clover’s one lucky gal! No matter the predicament, she always seems to find a way to succeed with a laugh! What are the odds? Her bubbly and cheery personality gives her natural confidence, but her good fortune comes with a narrowed perspective. Clover’s not familiar with the idea of losing, but she’s often too distracted to even notice that her good fortune has weighed the odds against her fellow players.

Fun Facts:

  • Clover's favorite food is matzo ball soup, which she loves generating at the Pic-Nix Tables!

  • Clover doesn’t really believe that beginner’s luck exists. On an unrelated note, WOW did her first-ever game of cards go well.

  • As fascinating as Clover is, she has her own fascination with butterflies! As she likes to put it, “They’re sooo cuuuuute!”

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