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Voiced by Adam Katz

Lifering S3.png

About Lifering - The Lifesaver

Lifering is your gung ho lifeguard bro! He’s super energetic and eager to take any challenge head-on! Although he might not be the smartest guy on the beach and often floats above the fray, Lifering cares deeply about the safety and protection of everyone, especially his teammates! Just don’t make him leave his post for no good reason... tick him off and you’ll regret it!

Fun Facts:

  • Lifering is equipped for every safety measure possible! He carries his trusty safety kit with him everywhere, which is chock full of medical and emergency survival equipment!

  • Despite his round appearance, Lifering is very strong and athletic! He can run and swim faster than anyone!

  • Lifering appeared previously as a lifeguard in Season 2! He got SUUUPER bored after attending an empty pool for so long… so he became a contestant!

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