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Voiced by Hailey Chapman

Microphone Single Logoless.png

Place: 6/20


About Microphone:

Microphone is determined to make her full potential audible to others. If she ever encounters a problem, Mic is sure to address the situation head-on and speak (or shout) her mind. As a result, she is easily misunderstood and usually has problems hiding her secrets... which she recently has plenty of. Although Microphone began this competition loud and proud, she has lost sight of her initial strengths and has resorted to alternative means of winning.

Fun Facts:

  • Her strongest ability is her intense scream, which is powerful enough to move objects.

  • Microphone’s "gain" knob allows her to increase or decrease her range of hearing.

  • Microphone has a diary, and would hate to have her deepest secrets revealed to others!

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