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S1E1: "The Crappy Cliff"

And the contest takes off! MePhone4 announces the 14 contestants who were chosen to compete for a 1,000,000 dollar prize! Who will win the first challenge? Who will the team captains be? Find out on the first ever episode of Inanimate Insanity!

S1E2: "A Lemony Lesson"

So Balloon and Lightbulb establish their teams, well sort of. They also compete in their first challenges as a team. Is this a good thing? Who knows...

S1E3: "The Arena of Death"

Arena of death? Sounds scary! Well, it is! It's quite scary! After the last elimination, there are only 13 remaining! And with a rock-pelting and life-threatening challenge like this... who knows who will win? Better yet, who will survive?

S1E4: "One-Shot Wonder"

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's a bird... and the 12 remaining contestants of Inanimate Insanity, competing in a slingshot-themed challenge inspired by the iPhone game: Angry Birds. The contestants slingshot (or at least attempt to slingshot) each other over a cliff. What could go wrong?

S1E5: "The Stacker"

Stacking Golf-Balls? Sounds interesting, and impossible! But I've done it, and now the 11 remaining contestants, soon to be 10, have to as well. Lets see it!

S1E6: "War De Guacamole"

The final 10! Astounding! Too bad it will only last for about 5 minutes, because one recommended character is going to join the game! But who? Not telling, duh. Oh yeah, and the final 11 compete in a 3-part obstacle course. Wowzers.

S1E7: "Sugar Rush"

It's Halloween! With one more contestant eliminated, the 10 remaining compete in a halloween-themed hunt. And there's candy, but not cookies because MePhone is a fat slob, so he ate them. One contestant on the losing team will be eliminated. But witch? Get it? Witch? As in witches on Halloween! Thats a knee-slapper isn't it?

S1E8: "4Seeing the Future"

Hostmanship is very cool, isn't it? Apparently it's worth murdering fees to MePhone4S! Who is that guy anyway? What does he want? Well whatever, it doesn't matter much, the contestants have to deal with him and his evil ideas.

S1E9: "The Snowdown"

Baby, it's cold outside! Snowy, icy, but it's still tolerable enough for a contest! With another elimination, 8 contestants remain, all of them have a 1/8 chance of winning 1,000,000 dollars! But not even a Christmas miracle can guarantee their immunity!

S1E10: "Double Digit Desert"

The Cacti Desert, home to many undiscovered creatures, unexplainable events, and LOTS of cactuses! We're throwing the contestants there and seeing what happens. Which contestant will beat the odds and come out alive, or at least not scarred for life.

S1E11: "Aquatic Conflict"

Undah Dah Sea? Si. Yeah, I didn't get that either...

S1E12: "Crappy Anniversary"

Lots of crazy things can happen in a year! The world is rapidly changing around us in ways unimaginable in the previous year. Sometimes the past can be scary, it can be satisfying, and it can be annoying, really annoying. The contestants face the most horrifying thing to mankind, our animation style in April, 2011, when Inanimate Insanity began with its terrible first episode! They also face a 60 foot cliff and some elephant feces but that's not very important. Here's to us!

S1E13: "Inanimate Smackdown"

After a dramatic, and might I add extremely close elimination time, the 6 remaining contestants take their mixed feelings to the arena, the Wrestling Arena! Contestants face their enemies, their friends, and their own selves if it means winning this game. Which one will overcome the odds and take the belt of victory, or in this case, immunity?

S1E14: "The Great Escape"

After Bomb's huge explosion, we now see the fate of the eliminated contestants. Some of them have been in Idiotic Island for almost a year now! And you bet they're gonna want to get out of there as soon as possible! Our final 5 will arise and compete in a challenge so annoying that you'll want to turn off the episode, maybe even be stuck in a cage for months!

S1E15: "The Tile Divide"

Welcome back to the island! Not much has changed in the three months since you've been away, except everyone got extreme makeovers! Despite the fact that the contestants look nicer, they're still subject to eliminations! With only five contestants left, soon to be four, the action's heating up! Surprises will be unveiled, friendships will be tested, and divisions will start to take place- and we're not talking about the mathematical kind! Who knows what kinds of unexpected terrors await our object friends? Well time to find out, in glorious 1080p HD!

S1E16: "The Penultimate Poll"

Penultimate? What's a penultimate? Is that a type of vegetable or something? Actually, the word "penultimate" means "second to last" or "leading up to", and the finale is almost here! One of the two alliances, OJ and Paper, and Pickle and Taco, is going to be broken up! We all knew at some point that one of these dynamic duos would have to split. Who will stay with their ally, and who will bite the dust?

S1E17: "Journey Through Memory Lane" [Part 1]

After a long 16 month battle, either Orange Juice or Taco will win the million dollars! However, it won't be easy, because the final challenge isn't just one challenge, it's many challenges, MANY, MANY challenges! All seems fine until MePhone4's life is put in danger when a special guest arrives. Now, nobody's safe! Who will win, and who will survive?

S1E18: "Journey Through Memory Lane" [Part 2]

After an insane 18 month battle, either OJ or Taco will win one million dollars! After an unexpected and horrific event takes place, the winner learns a valuable lesson that makes him/her question what's more important, the million dollars, or the friends made along the way.

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