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S3E1: "Stranded in Paradise"

A fan-selected group of Inanimate Insanity contestants has been invited to a vacation resort for a Spoiled Lemon VIP tour! ...or so they thought. It turns out MePhone has secretly planned a third reality show competition on a brand-new tropical island! Yeah, they really should have known better. So get ready for some classic II fun and games. Which old and new contestants will join the competition? Can OJ take a break from the hotel? Isn't MePhone still not done with the other season? And has Balloon finally gotten some support from a surprising source? At least one of these questions will be answered in the premiere of Inanimate Insanity Invitational!


S3E2: "The Shame of the Name"

Welcome back to Inanimate Insanity Invitational, where MePhone can never leave well enough alone! As he forces the contestants to trash their old team names and form new ones, relationships and rivalries are formed in turn! But amongst all of this team bickering, self-reclamation, and an insurmountable love of pink, who has the time to think up a perfect new name?! With one contestant soon to be sent packing, it’s sink or swim!


S3E3: "Snapshot Showdown"

After an unflattering photograph spoils MePhone's grand opening, he challenges the teams to take embarrassing pictures of each other. And so begins an epic photoshoot-out! Which contestant will look the most embarrassing? Or could it end in a "photo finish?" And seriously- what is up with the pinecones? Find out in the THIRD episode of Inanimate Insanity Season THREE!


S3E4: "The Overthinkers"

YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED...! Welcome to THE VOLCANO, where contestants are tasked with traversing a dangerous terrain like no other. Do they have what it takes to make it all the way to the top, or will they erupt under the pressure--? Wait. The challenge is over already?! Huh. Well. When the final team to be up for elimination fears facing the vote, they task themselves with CHALLENGE #2: a debate on who's the rightful next boot! Who will win out in this mental game of over analyzation? Find out in episode 4 of Inanimate Insanity Season 3: Invitational!


S3E5: "Tragedy At 60 Feet"

The Tragedy is an… unspeakable disaster. We wouldn’t dare divulge any information about such a catastrophe. Anyways, here’s an episode where someone takes a bit of a tumble. Have fun!

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S3E6: "Try Not To Laugh Challenge"

When MePhone BANS LAUGHTER across the island, the contestants are thrust into a TRY NOT TO LAUGH CHALLENGE! Who can avoid the charming chuckles and giddy giggles when coming face-to-face with the nefarious nuisances who dare to play loosey-goosey with the law?

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S3E7: "Best Served Cold"

With our team dynamics disarranged, a delectable challenge awaits our newly-unbalanced group of 12! And after MePhone presents an enormously tall order, will things heat up, or will things get chilly? … After all, revenge is a dish…

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S3E8: "Out of Body Experience"

When a special guest visits the island, MePhone scrambles to put on a perfect show. But when a complication arises, the contestants realize they have no choice but to face themselves.


S3E9: "Title TBD"

Get ready for the GREATEST BIG-BUDGET BLOWOUT YOU'VE EVER SEEN!!! From directors to the almighty craft services, our Final 10 will transform into production crews to create a cartoon! Hah! ... what? Like it's hard? Yeah right. Together, our contestants will put pen to paper... maybe a couple hundred times... and reach all new heights! ... well, one of them at least.


S3E10: "I Am Chocolate!"

AT LONG LAST. FIVE ELIMINATED CONTESTANTS. ONE WILL REJOIN. This time, while the contestants get to feast on sweets, we catch up with the long-exiled contestants trapped on the terrifying Indefinite Island. These former players are ready to risk everything to return to the game. What they may not know is that catching the slightest error may make the difference between victory and devastation. Find out WHO WILL RETURN! This is Inanimate Insanity Invitational, episode 10!


S3E11: "Pesty Besties"

The island has been INVADED!!... By adorable little monsters. And MePhone will NOT stand for it! As pest-control, the contestants are assigned a pet to train and send into the INANI-MATE ARENA! With contestants now having to battle for themselves, victory is more important than ever... especially as foreboding visions of betrayal loom...


S3E12: "Home Is Where the Heart Is"

What if an eliminated contestant refused to leave? MePhone would be floored.

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S3E13: "Friend or Froze"

MePhone finally makes his anniversary special by Breaking the Paradise. Meanwhile, Yin-Yang tries to get some milk.


S3E14: "Spring on the Breakfast!"

SURPRISE! MePhone has partnered with his favorite cereal brand, and yours, Springtastic! To celebrate, the contestants traverse a series of puzzles devised by Springtastic's wacky mascot, Springy the Spring, who has an oddly joyous time toying with everyone. Some will spring to the top, some will come falling down, and one... will be eliminated.


S3E15: "Blue Buried"

Can you solve the mystery? The contestants all try to uncover what happened to the fallen fruit. But will their investigation prove fruitful?

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S3E16: "The Great Bluish Bake Off"

When the contestants are challenged to face a long trek, it's going to take more than individual strength to win. SO LET'S GET BAKING!

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S3E17: "The Show Must Go On"

MePhone's having an episode! Or two. Or three. Or... Uh oh. Can the contestants keep up with the high demand for episodes?! Let's find out!

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S3E18: "A Jury of Your Fears"

The Inanimate Insanity Season 3: Invitational finale begins! Balloon, Cabby, and Silver Spoon are our final three! Watch as they come face-to-face with a jury of former contestants to make their arguments for why they deserve to win the game. And all will go according to plan.

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S3E19: "You Can't Do This Forever"

The Inanimate Insanity Season 3: Invitational finale concludes! After learning the truth about the game's prize, the final three decide to fight for something far more precious... another chance. WHO WILL WIN THE SEASON?! LET'S FIND OUT!

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