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Voiced by Jill Katz

Tea Kettle S3.png

About Tea Kettle - The Tough Mama

Tea Kettle knows best! So stand up straight and wipe that schmutz off your face! And don’t question her or you’ll get a mouthful!... sometimes literally... of food! Tea Kettle cares fiercely about her teammates, whom she considers her family. But sometimes TK needs to let off steam if her rowdy family doesn’t listen to her - she’s got quite the temper! So don’t make her blow her lid! Mum’s the word.

Fun Facts:

  • Tea Kettle is very warm, both in personality and literally to the touch! She has warm tea inside ready to drink - but tick her off, and that tea becomes scalding!

  • Tea Kettle always tries to look her best for the camera by standing at an angle. She claims she doesn’t have a bad side... but we know of one.

  • Tea Kettle loves to share her famous hors d’oeuvres. But if you don’t eat them RIGHT THIS SECOND you’re gonna be sorry!

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