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Voiced by Adam Katz

Test Tube Single Logoless.png

Place: 5/20

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About Test Tube:

Test Tube… golly… we wonder where her passions lie! SPOILER ALERT: Science!  Test Tube is a knowledge driven scientist that has a slew of kooky inventions at her disposal. Her initial weakness, her social ability, has improved as a result of building friendships with some of the other contestants. Although she is generally understanding and kind, she becomes easily frazzled by the “unexplainable.” Over time, Test Tube questions if everything in life really needs to be explained. But as for right now, Test Tube strives to do what’s right… in the name of science! Science rules!!

Fun Facts:

  • Despite her silliness, Test Tube is the most intelligent contestant on the show.

  • Nobody knows what green fluid is inside Test Tube..

  • Test Tube has her very own laboratory full of her experiments, including her Time Machine Calculator and InvisiBow.

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