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Voiced by Samuel Thornbury


About The Floor - The Down Under

He’s here! He’s there! The Floor is everywhere! Appearing anywhere on the ground, The Floor can essentially teleport in an instant. He’s an unnervingly great eavesdropper since you never know where he could be! Because of The Floor’s powerful abilities, many are intimidated by him… but he only wants to be your bud! He’s a very humble and down-to-earth guy! Just watch where you step, mate.

Fun Facts:

  • The Floor can occupy any ground possible, from grass to sand to even manufactured surfaces. So long as it’s floor, it’s The Floor!

  • The Floor can travel anywhere very quickly, though the further he goes the more effort he must put in. Traveling to different altitudes is notably difficult for him.

  • The Floor loves to eat! Dropped crumbs are great, but whole snacks are his favorite! The 5-second rule means nothing to him!

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