Inanimate Insanity Invitational, Episode 1

A fan-selected group of Inanimate Insanity contestants has been invited to a vacation resort for a Spoiled Lemon VIP tour! ...or so they thought. It turns out MePhone has secretly planned a third reality show competition on a brand-new tropical island! Yeah, they really should have known better.


So get ready for some classic II fun and games. Which old and new contestants will join the competition? Can OJ take a break from the hotel? Isn't MePhone still not done with the other season? And has Balloon finally gotten some support from a surprising source? At least one of these questions will be answered in the premiere of Inanimate Insanity Invitational!

What is Inanimate Insanity?

Inanimate Insanity is an online animated series on the AnimationEpic YouTube Channel, produced by Adamation, Inc. The story centers around MePhone4, a shrewd and sentient cell-phone that creates his very own elimination-based reality show! With an ability to generate challenges and obstacles of practically any scope, there's seemingly no limit to what he can do!

A cast of contestants suit up to begin a crazy game and (hopefully) compete in fun-filled challenges, so long as everything stays on schedule! While the contestants may seem like simple lightbulbs, baseballs, and various other common items, they quickly prove that looks can be deceiving! Whoever fails to earn immunity is at risk of being sent off the show and into the unknown. In the end, one contestant will outlast all the rest and claim the million dollar prize!

     The team is currently producing and airing Season 2 and Season 3. Season 1 has been fully created and released, with 18 episodes.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL EPISODES.


We are always posting updates and sneak-peeks of upcoming episodes on various social-media platforms!

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