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Voiced by Barry Strum

Blueberry S3.png

About Blueberry - The Blue

Who can make the sun rise? Who can brighten up your day? ... well, not Blueberry. No one can suck the joy from a party faster than our little cynical blue friend! It’s only occasional that Blueberry can look up at the clouds and find a silver lining. And then complain that the lining is more of a sad grey... and that it’s in a gloomy storm-cloud... and it’s pouring... and now he’s drowning... and- oh, why bother?

Fun Facts:

  • Blueberry’s favorite hobbies include taking long brooding sessions, thinking about the inevitable heat-death of the universe... and baking.

  • While Blueberry spends most of his time sitting around and sulking, he knows deep down that he has the athletic prowess of an olympian. If only his team let him prove it!

  • It takes intense strain for Blueberry to smile. If you are lucky enough to see it with your own eyes, you know he means it!

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