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Voiced by Justin Chapman

Silver Spoon S3.png

About Silver Spoon - The Regal

Be sure to bow your head when His Highness walks by, Silver Spoon is rich royalty!  … Just kidding! Silver Spoon is neither rich nor royal, but that won’t stop him from acting like a pompous prince! Though he’s not very into “competition” or, well, “work” in general… Silver Spoon knows the only way his regality will be taken seriously is if he gets his very big head into the game.

Fun Facts:

  • Silver Spoon is very tall, competing with the likes of Paintbrush! His exceptional height helps Silver believe he’s above everyone else.

  • Though Silver Spoon is often rude and sharp-tongued, his polite manners and graceful poise are of the utmost importance. After all, a prince shan’t be a barbarian!

  • Silver Spoon puts a great deal of pressure on himself over his outward appearance. A daily polish is imperative to keep himself feeling pristine.

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