Voiced by Justin Chapman

Goo S3.png

About Goo - The Fluid

Goo is hard to describe... but he also has a hard time describing! Whether it be his wacky analogies that make no sense or his desire to make new friends, nothing Goo does ever really “sticks”. With no arms and no legs, he’s an oddball, literally. Strange as he is, Goo is determined and will always stand up for his friends! Even if they are a little weirded out.

Fun Facts:

  • Goo can squiiiish and streeetch into different shapes - but he’s always shaped like a friend!

  • Goo doesn’t like stressful situations. When he’s under too much pressure, he’ll lose his viscosity and melt!

  • Goo likes pinecones! Why? They make great dancing partners. (We don’t get it either.)

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.