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Voiced by Adam Katz


Place: 14/20


About Apple:

"A" is for Apple,” but unfortunately that's the only spelling tip this competitor can lend. Apple is a particularly juvenile character, innocent in her attitude towards friendship and grudges. On the flip of that, she is unable to easily read a friend's feelings… nor a book. What shines through Apple most, however, is her ambition towards proving her value to others. In failure to do this, she can be sent down a spiral of confusion and bitterness. But when her sentiment is reciprocated, there is no one person, literature exam, or competition that can make her day rotten.


Fun Facts:

  • In an effort to improve her spelling capabilities, Apple is currently working on her first novel! Sure, it’s mostly pictures… but still! Don’t worry, Marshmallow is doing spellchecking.

  • After an extended period of time alone on Idiotic Island, Apple has an underlying fear of being abandoned. She prefers to have friends around her whenever possible.

  • Apple is a huge enthusiast of the holiday season and enjoys snow activities such as sledding and snowman-building. She makes gingerbread cookies every year for her friends! Her enemies will remain hungry.

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