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Voiced by Dee Cashin


Place: 9/20


About Marshmallow:

She may appear kind and endearing... but don’t let her sweet exterior fool you! Marshmallow has evolved into a fiercely defiant player who usually puts her own issues before others. Due to conflicts with other contestants, she has developed significant trust issues as well as an uncertainty as to whether anything on the show is real. Despite her small stature, what she lacks in physical presence she makes up for with her blunt nature and outspokenness. If Marshmallow wants something, she’ll stop at nothing to get it even if she has to venture outside the parameters of the game to do so.


Fun Facts:

  • Marshmallow has the inexplicable ability to defy gravity, usually at the most inconvenient times. Even she's not sure how to use it! Balloon has offered a few pointers.

  • Marshmallow recently learned she has perfect pitch! On top of that, her voice can reach shattering degrees. Bow has an idea in mind to put Marsh's talent to good use as a group...

  • Marsh loves to put together small plays for her friends to perform! She feels much more confident when she's sharing the spotlight with a buddy. She's repurposed a few of Cherries' masks she snuck out with Apple.

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