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Voiced by Adam Katz

Nickel Single Logoless.png

Place: 10/20


About Nickel:

Don’t let Nickel’s small stature or value fool you – this coin is rough around the edges!  Nickel’s sarcastic attitude, frequent pessimism, and witty zingers make him a polarizing character in the game. He is generally quite blunt and is never afraid to speak his mind, which can rub the more sensitive contestants the wrong way. Despite his gruff exterior, Nickel is very loyal and wants nothing more than to assist his friends and alliances in winning. If he refuses to dial his attitude back, it may just cost him 20 million times his own value!

Fun Facts:

  • Nickel was the first Inanimate Insanity character ever, back in February 2011. He made his internet debut in the Inanimate Insanity “Stupid Trailer.”

  • He loves the outdoors and is an environmental activist. In his spare time, he likes to focus his efforts on saving the planet’s water resources. He even has his own tips on the matter! 

  • Nickel has a passion for teaching, and always likes to help out his friends whenever possible. Unfortunately, his short temper prevents him from effectively teaching people he deems “weak-minded.”

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