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Place: 16/20


About Dough:

Have you ever wanted something so bad, and then you got something worse? Meet Dough! Intended as a Bow replacement, Dough does his best to express his own individual identity. Still, he can’t help but come across as a shameless knockoff, nothing more than a hollow and monotonous imitation of a dearly departed friend. So it’s a bit of an uphill climb for him to make a good impression. Nevertheless, while it’s impossible not to compare him to his alleged sister, Dough’s dry, deadpan attitude actually couldn’t be any more different - if only someone cared enough to notice!


Fun Facts:

  • Dough has an obsession with stairs, bears, squares, fairs, and most recently, scares! Absolutely anything that seems to rhyme is on the list. Curiously, he has no interest in chairs.

  • Dough claims to be a master pianist, despite the self-playing piano in the basement.

  • Due to his short-lived existence, Dough has a rather mediocre life goal: to become a hamburger. They apparently have more meaning in life than he does.

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