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Voiced by Sam Thornbury


About Suitcase:

Striving to be kind and considerate to all, Suitcase is undoubtedly the total package. Suitcase consistently makes an effort to see the best in everyone. However, in a game full of conflict and judgment, where connections must be eliminated, her strength may become a weakness. Even though Suitcase typically keeps her feelings and opinions packed tightly inside, she isn’t afraid to open up when necessary. She is full of many useful tools that can help out in challenges! She is also full of voices...

Fun Facts:

  • She is the only contestant that is both armless and female.

  • Her ability to hold items has become useful in challenges, whether it be storing or transporting.

  • Suitcase is the only contestant on Season 2 to rejoin the game after being "eliminated." (Thanks, OJ)

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