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Voiced by Brian Koch

Place: 7/20

Fan Single Logoless.png

About Fan:

Fan is a walking, talking database of Inanimate Insanity’s history, A.K.A. a huge “fan” of the show. Being a contestant is truly a dream come true for him, and he is constantly nerding out over (OBSERVING) every facet of the competition. With an obsession over (WATCHFUL EYES ON) theories and patterns from the show’s past, Fan is usually (NEVER) unaware of what is happening around him and is actually the most ignorant (SELF-AWARE) competitor of all! Fan is, indeed, quite socially awkward (A STRATEGIC AND IMAGINATIVE) player that strives to win, no matter how unconventional or subversive the means!


Fun Facts:

  • Fan has an ability to physically open and close, which can allow him to glide in the air and avoid obstacles.

  • Since the beginning of the season, Fan has kept an Egg that his team uncovered during a trip to Mars.

  • Fan did, in fact, edit his own character description and would like a word with the writer immediately!!

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