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Place: 20/20


About Tissues:

Ever had a sick day? Welcome to Tissues’ entire life! Despite that Tissues wants to participate in challenges, he is halted at every turn by his infamous and self-described “condiShAWn.” While it may only render him fatigued, don’t underestimate how dangerous and life-threatening his contagion can be! Even with his limitations, Tissues always makes an effort to be social and put himself out there. Unfortunately, no matter how apologetic he is about his unhealthy state, it’s best to approach him with great caution.

Fun Facts:

  • The "condiShAWn" depletes the victim’s energy by channeling it into one giant sneeze. As a result, Tissues’ sneezes are so powerful, they actually launch him into the air! 

  • Tissues worries about rising temperatures. Not just his own, but the world’s as well! He points the reasoning to the catastrophic oatmeal raisin.

  • Nobody quite knows where or how Tissues got so sick in the first place, not even himself! It seems he’s been this way since the beginning...

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