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Voiced by Justin Napolitano

Trophy Single Logoless.png

Place: 18/20


About Trophy:

If there was an award for “most competitive,” it’d probably be Trophy... literally. Although he claims to be a sports-loving jock, Trophy isn’t as physically active as you might expect. Instead, Trophy spends most of his time trying to make other contestants do the hard work for him as he sips on his protein shake. He manipulates in the present so he can be lazy in the future! All in all, while he’s not actually much of an athlete, Trophy’s powers of deception make him a more calculating and controlling player than he appears.

Fun Facts:

  • Trophy has quite an appetite for protein shakes. His favorite flavor is "Banana Blast!" 

  • Trophy has developed a talent for photography and frequently spends time exploring the island to find the right shot. He refuses to tell this to anyone.

  • Trophy typically avoids the indoors by any means necessary. This may be because he is always interested in finding excitement, but primarily because he wants to avoid the Hotel OJ residents, particularly his roommate, Tissues.

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