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Voiced by Jazzy Oliver

Place: 8/20

Paintbrush Single Logoless.png

About Paintbrush:

Paintbrush strives to be a responsible leader that can earn victory for their team! The only problem is... they’re not the team leader, but that won’t stop them! Paintbrush is very compassionate and is always looking out for the best interests of friends and allies. Their strong leadership skills stem from a pragmatic approach to solving problems. That being said, they have little-to-no temper for those who slack. If you happen to anger Paintbrush... run.

Fun Facts:

  • Paintbrush is constantly fixated on keeping their bristles looking nice and orderly.

  • Paintbrush keeps Baxter safe in their room and is slightly distrustful of others holding him. If something happened to him Lightbulb would be so upset!

  • Thankfully, Paintbrush has slowly but surely begun to control their rage, especially throughout their time at Hotel OJ. They hold weekly arts & crafts classes to reduce stress in a healthy way. Fire extinguishers have been equipped in every room just in case.

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