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Voiced by Dee Cashin

Cheesy Single Logoless.png

Place: 13/20


About Cheesy:

Always the jokester, Cheesy never misses an opportunity to unleash a zinger on an unsuspecting fellow contestant. Although well-intentioned, his jokes oftentimes miss the mark. Even if his delivery is lacking, Cheesy’s goal of making others laugh is a noble one. Unfortunately, it has been called into question whether or not Cheesy is capable of taking life seriously. While he is undoubtedly sensitive to criticism, Cheesy ultimately will never give up on comedy- for better or worse!


Fun Facts:

  • No one's sure what type of cheese he is. He always replies, "Nacho business."

  • With the realization that humor can be more than just puns, Cheesy has recently taken a more diverse approach to comedy. Watch out for "yo mama" jokes.

  • Every Friday night, Cheesy hosts a standup comedy routine at Hotel OJ!

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