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Voiced by Ben Cross

Balloon Single Logoless.png

Place: 11/20


About Balloon:

Initially a ruthless competitor, Balloon relied on manipulative and demanding tactics to advance himself in the game… to little avail... OH C’MON!! He has since seen the error of his ways and strives to be more kind and considerate. Balloon immensely values friendship and has an intense desire to rise above his past demons. Unfortunately, he is continuously labeled as untrustworthy by other competitors in his pursuit of allies. Is his personal transformation truly genuine, or is he merely full of hot air?


Fun Facts:

  • His preference is classical music, as pop music seems to make him nervous.

  • Balloon is more than comfortable being at high elevations, and his favorite spot on the island is atop a tall mountain. If he loses his footing and falls off… a few hours wasted.

  • Balloon responds poorly to pressure (both the atmospheric kind and the social kind). For safety, he can reshape himself to keep balanced or hide by clinging onto a wall using static electricity.

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