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Voiced by Kacie Chapman

Place: 12/20

Soap Single Logoless.png

About Soap:

When it comes to keeping things clean, no one does a better job than Soap. She is an efficient and organized leader at heart, yet in her desire to keep everything sanitary she often creates another mess entirely. Soap wants to ensure everything is in its proper place but has recently shown a willingness to be less particular. She is not afraid to be upfront and call others out on their mistakes. Above all, Soap is determined to not only give her friends advice, but to work on herself as well.

Fun Facts:

  • Although many of Soap’s cleaning supplies reside at the bottom of a cliff, she has a secret stash hidden in a closet in Hotel OJ for “emergencies only." OJ has the key.

  • Soap has enjoyed trying out new organizational hobbies. Her new favorite is scrapbooking memories with friends.

  • Soap’s competitive passion has shifted to gaming! She is currently striving for 100% completion in Leo’s Motel 2! If you somehow beat her to it… she may push you off the couch.

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